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Park Hills Popcorn

John and Chris sell Park Hills Popcorn with our friend Mark from Pop’s! Kettle Corn, Caramel, Yellow Cheddar, Coconut Oil & Sea Salt, Birthday Cake, Unicorn Mix, and more! One is called Chat Dump Specialty Blend (and tastes a lot like puppy chow!)

We can do different colors too. You can swing by the taxi cab stand or Ransom's and pick up a bag or two (or three!). We can also do custom bulk orders (for businesses, events, weddings, birthday parties, fundraising, etc.). Typical bags are resealable and will have our “Park Hills Popcorn” stamp of approval on them. Custom orders can be customized with label, popcorn color, and flavor. This popcorn is legit delicious! We’ll be selling popcorn at the taxi cab stand, Ransom's, as well as any event we’re at.

* To place an advanced order, FILL OUT THIS FORM.
* For a quote, email us at or FILL OUT THIS FORM.
Visit the online shop
* Oh, and side note, we thought it’d be cool/funny to get our faces designed as popcorn kernels. Check it out! LOL

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