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Downtown Park Hills

Downtown Park Hills, MO is special to us. We want to bring high quality events, meetings, conferences, trainings, and other events to the downtown area. We've got some exciting things planned! You can find us at the old taxi cab stand in the middle of downtown, on the corner of West Main Street and Coffman, across the street from Subway.


Here's a local newspaper article about our grand opening and ribbon cutting in June 2022. Oh, AND we're involved with THE OUTDOOR STAGE downtown! Here's a photo of the stage groundbreaking too.

The building is used as an office space but also to sell seasonal and specialty items that have our stamp of approval and that you'd typically find at our events or events like fairs and conferences. Come and check us out when the Ridge Events "OPEN" flag is out or follow us on social media to know what we're up to and when.

Check out our:
* Popcorn
* Soda
* Water
* WiFi

Oh, and CLICK HERE to see the livestream of downtown!
Oh, and CLICK HERE to see some history on the taxi cab stand!

Side Note - We are proud to be involved with the Downtown Park Hills Association.


Park Hills Location

The Cab Stand


228 West Main Street

Park Hills, MO 63601

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