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Taxi Stand Cab History (So we've been told!)

Our friend Jim told us "I thought I’d let you know there’s more history to the taxi station than the antenna. They were also the dispatchers for the police department. If there was an emergency, the public would call the taxi station. There was a red light (I think red) on a stand on top of the taxi station. The police would have to stay on top of Federal Hill or Blue Goose Hill and wait for the light to go on. When it did, they drove down to the taxi station and got the call and went and answered it. That antenna was probably used for the police too. Look up in the Daily Journal for an article by the Police Chief Kurt Thurmond. From ___ to ___. Something about from red lights to radios (not this, but something like it)."

We're told by our friend Mary that "Ted Gammon started Deluxe Cab. Behind it was Hudson Dealership; they sold cars."

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